Solar on my Roof March 24, 2015

Solar on my Roof

Cover for Solar on my Roof.

Making your Rooftop Solar system work for you.

You have installed a grid-tied solar system. After the installer left and the dust settled you get your first glimpse at your rooftop solar system in action. Well you think it is in action. Is that all there is to solar? Is it working? If it doesn’t work what can you do? How does it work? Must you clean it? Can you touch it? Where to from here?

This book looks at what a grid-tied solar system is in simple easy to understand terms. You will find ways to ensure that you draw the most benefit from the system and see how to check that your system is performing as well as it should.

Inside these pages you can discover what makes your solar system tick, and how you can look after it to ensure that it continues to tick for many years to come. You will find out what to keep an eye on to measure the performance and how small changes in the way you live can have a big impact on your energy bill and the environment.

While this book is written specifically for the Australian market, the truths contained in it are universal. The chapters that discuss the working of the system, monitoring the production, ways to save on your power bill and troubleshooting are valid all around the world.

Albert J. Sjoberg is an engineer that has worked with solar energy projects for over a decade. A portion of that time included handling support calls for grid-tied solar system owners and installers across Australia.

Seeing first hand the growth of the industry and listening to calls from customers and installers alike has provided a window into the misunderstanding of these systems. Albert enjoys sharing what he has learned and enjoys empowering his colleagues and customers to better understand the world around them. This book is a vehicle to better understanding and empowering the end user to take control of their investment in renewable energy.

Solar on my Roof is a plain English manual to your solar system.

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