Installers love Solar on my Roof April 17, 2015

It has been great to see the uptake in sales of the Solar on my Roof eBook. Interestingly enough it is becoming a favourite with system installers. The ebook answers many of the questions that take up time on their service centre phone line.

PV Installers on roof

Installers love Solar on my Roof

Solar on my Roof is born out of my experiences responding to customer and installer service calls. This ebook addresses the questions usually asked by the customer after their first exposure to a rooftop grid-tied systems.

It addresses the basics of how these grid-tied systems work, and explains concepts like, anti-islanding, seasonal changes, Gross and Nett feed-in-tariffs to name but a few. This explains why in the middle of winter the customer may hear the inverter relays clicking, possibly multiple times, yet this is not usually heard in the summer.

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The Solar on my roof April 3, 2015

Summer Production

Summer Production.

The eBook, Solar on my Roof is more than a simple thought experiment. It is the result of years of applying the techniques mentioned in the book and finding out what works, what works but is a pain to maintain and what can be ignored completely. This meant that I needed to have a rooftop solar Photo- Voltaic (PV) system with a variety of options. In this post I will explain how I put my system together.

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Writing Tools April 1, 2015

To create Solar on my Roof I made use of a number of software tools. Here is a list and some notes of how useful they were.

Freeplane mind map

Mind map

Initial planning was done with mind mapping software. I have both Mindmanager from Mindjet and Freeplane. Although I started with Mindmanager, I moved on to Freeplane quite early in the process. I find these mind maps are a quick way to lay out and organise the material of the project and populate the chapters.For my next book, I’ll try the more conventional card and cork board offered inside Scrivener, but the spider created by Freeplane was the skeleton that became Solar on my Roof. This mapping went through several iterations while I was deciding what needed to be included, and what could and should be left out.

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