Oh Joy! We are back December 7, 2015

The Solar on my Roof site went down temporarily with the change over of hosting service.
Restoring from backup did not go entirely as planned so I am in the process of rebuilding from scratch. For now the eBook is available in both the ePub format and the mobi format for Kindle devices. Just add the version you need to your cart.
The rebuild is┬ánot going according to plan since the new Host, ‘Hostpapa’ appears unable to enable a site to reliably run WordPress the way Crazydomains did. I am sorry that I moved from Crazy Domains.

There is a conflict with a firewall setting and that means I am not allowed to add images to posts and am unable to add certain other formatting to these blog posts.

The issue has finally been resolved. The tragedy is, this fault, that I reported just after two o’clock in the afternoon on Monday 7 December 2015, has taken several messages back and forth and is now finally fixed just after four o’clock on Thursday 10 December 2015.

The kicker is, the fault was one that I had reported o the first of December. So I have now struggled for 10 days to get a fault fixed. A fault that I could indicate exactly what was required. Exactly what the error was and point to several web resources that resulted in my diagnosis of the fault.

Any way, I can now once again focus on reconstructing the Solar on my Roof website.

Whoo Hoo!

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